Popular Routes from Sheffield to Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport and Doncaster Airport are the two most regularly used airports for passengers travelling to or from Sheffield. Whilst Doncaster Airport only offers European flights, Manchester Airport offers flights to Europe and other continents.

You can depart from Sheffield to Manchester Airport or return from Manchester Airport to Sheffield using the train, coach or taxi transport. Train tickets purchased in advance can be reasonably priced and often a good choice of transport for a single person journey during the hours 07:00 – 23:00. Purchasing multiple tickets for multiple passengers can end up expensive. When you also factor in that you’ll need to drag your luggage around it can be tiring. Coach journeys are a cheaper option but at the cost of a longer journey time. Airport taxis are a good middle ground option. The prices for multiple people travelling can work out cheaper than a train and less stressful and it takes less time than a coach journey.

There are a few routes to get Manchester Airport from Sheffield by car. The most popular three routes all pass over the Peak District national park. Around a third of Sheffield lies within the borders of the Peak District national park. These three routes are named as the key areas they pass and are known as Woodhead Pass, Snake Pass and Pott Shrigley

Woodhead Pass (A628)

The A628 is a major road in the north of England connecting Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire by crossing the Pennine chain of hills by way of the Woodhead Pass through the Peak District National Park.

The road starts to the east of Manchester at the end of the M67 motorway and A57 road. It passes through Mottram in Longdendale, Hollingworth and Tintwistle and then through Longdendale and the Peak District National Park to Crowden and Salter’s Brook Bridge where the road leaves Derbyshire and enters Barnsley Metropolitan Borough. From its summit the road descends through Millhouse Green, Thurlstone, around Penistone before joining the M1 motorway at Junction 37.

The road’s altitude and its exposure to the weather over the Woodhead Pass creates problems in winter when it can be closed because of snow or high winds. The high altitude of the pass and its winding, narrow route through the Pennine hills can make travelling difficult. The alternative trans-Pennine route is a lengthy detour via the M62, 15 miles to the north.

Woodhead Pass is probably the best choice of route when travelling from the northern side of Sheffield to Manchester Airport.

Snake Pass (A57)

The A57 is a major road in England. It runs east from Liverpool to Lincoln, via Warrington, Cadishead, Irlam, Patricroft, Eccles, Salford and Manchester, then through the Pennines over the Snake Pass (between the high moorlands of Bleaklow and Kinder Scout), around the Ladybower Reservoir, through Sheffield and past Worksop. Within Manchester a short stretch becomes the A57(M) motorway (the Mancunian Way).

The stretch of road passing over the Pennines is known as the Snake Pass and is very well known route for commuters travelling from Sheffield to Manchester or vice versa. It offers stunning scenic views of the Pennines in all seasons.

Like several other roads that cross the Pennines, Snake Pass is often closed during snowy weather. The steep hills and narrow road however doesn’t put off commuters and it’s more favourable compared with other roads in the area.

The road remains a popular route for tourists and motorcycles, however, and sections have been used for semi-professional cycling races such as the Tour of Britain. The road remains popular with drivers. In 2008, a survey by Caterham Cars rated Snake Pass the best driving road in the UK. The following year, it was listed as one of the best roads for driving in Britain by Auto Trader magazine, who described it as “offering unparalleled views over Manchester”.

Snake Pass is probably the best choice of route when travelling from the western side of Sheffield to Manchester Airport.

Pott Shrigley

This is a less known route by most commuters but at certain times of the day and dependant on the origin or destination in Sheffield can be the best choice to take. For commuters travelling to or from the southern side of Sheffield to Manchester Airport this is an excellent choice; offering stunning views and steady flowing traffic allowing the journey time to stay within 1 hour and 15 minutes on average. Leaving from Sheffield you head via Hathersage, Castleton, Chapel en le Frith, Whalley Bridge, Pott Shrigley, Adlington, Handforth, Styal and then onto Manchester Airport vicinity.

The narrow road and steep hills can be problematic in the snow and icy weather and due to it being a less popular route there aren’t many traffic update mediums providing regular updates on the route condition.